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Our mission is to make every woman feel sophisticated, confident, and feminine while keeping a free and active lifestyle. With a focus on ethical practices and a deep appreciation for the environment, we strive to inspire confidence and foster a lasting impact on our customers and the world we share.


Our designs are brought to life with an approach that aims to encourage consumers to invest in higher-quality garments that last and have a more conscious impact on our planet. As an all-women company, we're committed to sustainability and fair wages, ensuring each garment reflects our values. Lanhtropy was born in 2016 as a Miami-based brand, translating the city's beach atmosphere and nature elements into signature designs envisioned by Uruguayan-native founder Ani Ponce de Leon.

In 2021, Lanhtropy introduced its first winter collection, capturing the allure of chilly weather from South America. Here, creations are crafted with meticulous care and attention to detail.

Lanhtropy now boasts a global presence, making its collection available worldwide and through select boutiques and authorized retailers proudly showcasing their brand.

Step into Lanhtropy, where fashion isn't just about looking good—it's about feeling good in every moment.

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We are an all-women company. Lanhtropy provides a platform for women to express their creativity, talent, and entrepreneurship. By participating in various roles such as designers, stylists, models, entrepreneurs, and executives, women contribute to the industry's growth and innovation.


At our company, we’re mindful of the origins of our materials and the people behind them, ensuring a strong commitment to responsible sourcing and production. We produce in small batches, which means reducing the risk of substantial waste and taking up fewer resources in production. Small batch means small footprint. ¾ of the materials in our current collections are eco-friendly. We try to use lower-impact materials and recycled packaging.


We are driven by our commitment to fair wages. Partnering with a family-owned production house in Vietnam, led by skilled head-of-household seamstresses, we bring our designs to life while ensuring responsible and ethical manufacturing. By paying fair wages we promote social justice, improve working conditions, and uphold ethical business practices. It is an integral part of creating a more equitable and sustainable fashion industry.