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At Lanhtropy, our mission is to create timeless, high-quality garments that make every woman feel sophisticated, confident, and feminine while embracing a free and active lifestyle. We are dedicated to crafting pieces that transcend fleeting fashion trends, offering versatile and enduring wardrobe essentials. Our commitment to exceptional craftsmanship and ethical practices ensures that each garment not only looks and feels amazing but also supports a more conscious approach to fashion. With a deep appreciation for the environment, we strive to inspire confidence and elegance, making everyday moments a little more special and fostering a lasting impact on our customers and the world we share.


Lanhtropy's journey began with its founder and CEO, Ani, a passionate for fashion, found herself in Miami with a simple yet powerful idea: to design high-quality linen pieces that seamlessly blend comfort, style, and ethical practices, coupled with her desire to empower women, prompted her to seek a different path.

Inspired by the city's laid-back beach vibe and natural beauty, Ani decided to start my own brand. And thus, Lanhtropy was born! The brand debuted with an all-linen collection that captured the essence of Miami living – think breezy styles and effortless chic.

Fast forward a few years and four kids later, she found herself back in her hometown in Uruguay. There, she opened a new store and introduced Lanhtropy's first winter collection, capturing the cozy allure of South American winters.

Today, Lanhtropy has grown into a global brand, with its collection available worldwide through select boutiques and authorized retailers. From sunny Miami to chilly Uruguay, our pieces are all about blending style, sustainability, and a whole lot of comfort.

So join us on this adventure! Whether you're lounging on the beach or cozying up by the fire, Lanhtropy's got you covered. Welcome to the family!

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We are an all-women company. Lanhtropy provides a platform for women to express their creativity, talent, and entrepreneurship. By participating in various roles such as designers, stylists, models, entrepreneurs, and executives, women contribute to the industry's growth and innovation.


At our company, we’re mindful of the origins of our materials and the people behind them, ensuring a strong commitment to responsible sourcing and production. We produce in small batches, which means reducing the risk of substantial waste and taking up fewer resources in production. Small batch means small footprint. ¾ of the materials in our current collections are eco-friendly. We try to use lower-impact materials and recycled packaging.


We are driven by our commitment to fair wages. Partnering with a family-owned production house in Vietnam, led by skilled head-of-household seamstresses, we bring our designs to life while ensuring responsible and ethical manufacturing. By paying fair wages we promote social justice, improve working conditions, and uphold ethical business practices. It is an integral part of creating a more equitable and sustainable fashion industry.