· By Zelmira Crespi


We are primarily women here at Lanhtropy; almost two-thirds of our team has become a mom since we started. And with that, we've had to adapt our wardrobes! We didn't plan to dress pregnant moms. We didn't have products designed specifically for women in the months after welcoming their bundle of joy into the world. But it did sort of "happen".

As our brand grew, so did our families. And, of course, our bellies. So when we had to get out of bed every morning, fight morning sickness, and throw something on to look somewhat "dressed" back at our office, we all discovered something unique! So many of our products showed up in action at our workplace and in daily living! 

With our samples and products, we were all comfortable in the office no matter our size, and at home, when we had to pop a boob out to feed the little darling and not melt in the Miami summer heat, our shirt dress or bubble shirts would make the moment just a bit easier. 


So we decided to have a round-up of the six best products that improved our lives while bringing a baby home. We'll add a quick video of our favorite Lanhtropy preggo looks at the end of this post!

Day Wear

We prioritize having suitable roomy and soft clothing (like linen, of course) to feel and look fabulous, regardless of size or trimester. 


Night Wear

Elastic waist PJs, if you'd rather another fabric than linen, we recommend Eberjay. They are the softest, warmest, and lightest PJs we love and come with button-down options or fast lift tops. 

Happy Feet

Most of our team has had to bear the Florida heat while pregnant, and the last thing you would think of would be closed shoes. But we realized that there are pretty cool sneakers, such as New Balance, JCrew, or even Keds, that offer a wide variety of comfortable options for the new weight on your ankles.



We had a tie here in our office. Some said chocolate was a must in your nightstand or office drawer. The chocolate had to be either Godiva or Lint; Halloween chocolate brands are for rookies. And then there was the gluten-free, "feed my baby good things" team that said that healthy and fresh quick snacks such as baby carrots and nuts are essential. Whole foods and Trader Joe's gives you a hand with this one.

Mom First!

Take time for a little extra R&R. Time flies when you're having kids and working, so remember that motherhood comes with a lot of additional energy demands. Keep your head and body as well catered to as possible. 



Massages, Yes Please

Depending on your budget and time, we recommend that a good massage that helps your feet and legs move all your liquid retention is a good investment. Before and after giving birth. If you have difficulty getting them done, it's a good chance for hubbie to step in and get his hands oily and you get pampered. Note: get ready to pee a lot.


    In the end, we can all say it was worth it. But between the pains and the sleepless nights, if you can pick any of these tips up to pick yourself up first to be a great mom, we applaud you!

    Momma's; We see you, hear you, and know you've got this!