· By Zelmira Crespi

Linen: a story of luxury. What makes it so special and coveted

Today, if you want to change your bedspread and sheets, you'll find that linen is the hot item on display in most home decor stores.  And you'll also find that it's much more pricey than cotton or jersey options.  Why?  Well, it's the same deal with fine jewels and metals; what has the highest price points?  You said it!  The rare ones.

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Linen is just that but in the world of fabrics. Unfortunately, it's not so easy to come by good linen or pure linen products.The first step to getting linen comes from planting and harvesting flax seeds; like most good things in life, they take their time to do so.

It's also known for its superpowers.  It has a natural temperature regulating capacity.  That's why most people think it's only for Summer.  But we're here to say give it a go in the winter!  Yes, during the summer, it'll keep moister from building up (say goodbye to sweat marks).  And when winter rolls around the corner, it'll keep the warm temperature and cool moisture out!

Linen and Ancient Egypt

A little bit of history points out that linen is one of the world's oldest and most valuable fabrics.  It was the fabric of choice for all the high and mighty back in ancient times.  According to archeological findings, if you had the "benefit" of getting the Mummy treatment, you would get wrapped in linen.  Because of how it represented power,   wealth, and, yes, durability!  The high priests that would get the ceremony running to bid farewell to such royalty also would be clothed in linen.

So now we know that it's a rare fabric, it's got super powers when applied to the skin, and then there's the third point that will show you how much bang you're getting for your buck. It's longevity.

  • Linen has a reputation for being one of the most potent natural fibers on the planet.
  • It's 30% thicker and more durable than cotton, which makes it super-duper durable.
  • Linen fibers are in paper money and ancient Greek armor! (Do not try this at home).

Because it's naturally durable, you will make a wise investment every time you buy linen.  In addition, most of us have some linen heirlooms passed down in the family for generations.

Our final argument is not in clothing but the world of luxurious experiences.  Go out to any fine restaurants or five-star hotels.  You'll see linen on their tables, curtains, bed sheets, and covers.  The people who know KNOW.


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